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– As decarbonization initiatives gain momentum, construction players can benefit from this growing trend—but only if they view ESG as a strategic opportunity and collaborate with other stakeholders in the ecosystem.

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– Comparing operation and maintenance performance of different roads is complex, but it can help improve efficiency for roadway... owners and operators and unlock much-needed capital.

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– As the live casino roulette free-19 pandemic accelerates transformative trends within the construction-equipment industry, companies must rethink... their traditional strategies.



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– ‘Infratech’ is now a viable asset class and an increasingly essential component of infrastructure investments and... operations. Investors and their operating companies need to prepare.

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– The cubicle farm has to go. Offices must be places of magic.

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– Four technology trends could help improve road functionality, construction, and maintenance, creating opportunities for greater... safety, efficiency, and economic success.

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– Harvard economists Larry Summers and Ed Glaeser debate how to fund infrastructure investment in a post-live casino roulette free world.

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– Governments have used a variety of measures to support commercial real estate and their tenants through live casino roulette free-19—with mixed... results for both parties. What opportunity exists for new approaches?

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– Industry leaders weigh in on what infrastructure stimulus investments governments may want to prioritize in the near term as they... consider economic recovery.
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– Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala reflects on Asia’s imperative, and his own, to find inclusive and creative solutions to complex... and uncertain challenges.

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– How disruption is reshaping distribution and logistics in the world’s largest ecosystem.

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– Industry leaders are using the agile approach to reimagine how capital projects are delivered.

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– Climate change poses serious threats to infrastructure systems and the human lives that depend on them. It’s time for industry... players to begin building resilience.

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– Attracting private capital to help finance infrastructure projects is more important than ever, according to Michael Sabia, chair... of the Canada Infrastructure Bank.
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